How You Can Help

You can make a LOUD difference!  There are so many ways to help young adults living with cancer at UNC—here are a few! And however you decide to help, we appreciate you.


Know the facts1

Every year, nearly 100,000 adolescents and young adults ages 15 – 39-years-old (AYAs) are diagnosed with cancer in the United States.

Many AYAs have unmet physical, psychological, and practical needs during and after cancer treatment.

AYA survival gains lag behind those for younger children and older adults.

Unique cancer biology, low clinical trial enrollment, suboptimal treatment adherence, and barriers to access in age-appropriate care all likely contribute to the lack of progress.

NC Lineberger is North Carolina’s only public National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center and serves patients from all 100 NC counties, including patients with a wide range of social, demographic, and economic backgrounds.

Approximately 400 AYAs are newly diagnosed annually and receive care at either the NC Basnight Cancer Hospital or the NC Children’s Hospital, clinical partners of UNC Lineberger.

About 10% of AYAs seen at UNC Lineberger are teens, 30% are emerging adults (20s), and 60% are young adults (30s). Many of the young adults treated at UNC are parents of young children.

1 Haines ER, Lux L, Stein J, Swift C, Matson M, Childers J, Kleissler D, Mayer DK, Steiner N, Steiner L, Rosenstein D, Gold S, Smitherman AB.  Developing a Comprehensive Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program: Lessons Learned from 7 Years of Growth and Progress . J Adolesc Young Adult Oncol. 2023 May 4. doi: 10.1089/jayao.2023.0015. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37155196.

Do Something Awesome


Fundraise in whatever way works for you! The Be Loud! Sophie Foundation community has done some pretty awesome things to help young adults living with cancer at UNC Hospital and you can too!

Host an Event

Host a backyard BBQ, bake sale or rock concert – so many people have supported Be Loud! Sophie in creative ways!  There are endless options for hosting an event that raises funds to improve the experience of young adults living with cancer at UNC Hospital.

Get Active

Want to make every mile matter?  Create your own challenge by signing up for a race and make it count by asking for donations to help young adults living with cancer at UNC Hospital.

Connect Your Company

Does your company match donations? Explore your company’s charitable giving program. Many companies offer matching gifts, stretching your dollars even further.

Fundraise on Instagram or Facebook

Turn your social network into a vehicle for positive change. Setting up an Instagram or Facebook Fundraiser is a simple way to support young adults living with cancer at UNC Hospital.

Celebrate a Milestone

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations – whatever you are celebrating, your loved ones will love to support your milestone by contributing to your fundraiser for young adults living with cancer.


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